Legislator District Party Score
Matt Krause
93 Republican 100
Jodie Laubenberg
89 Republican 100
Matt Schaefer
6 Republican 100
Jonathan Stickland
92 Republican 100
Scott Turner
33 Republican 100
William Zedler
96 Republican 100
Van Taylor
66 Republican 99
Stephanie Klick
91 Republican 99
Pat Fallon
106 Republican 98
Scott Sanford
70 Republican 97
David Simpson
7 Republican 94
Giovanni Capriglione
98 Republican 94
Jeff Leach
67 Republican 93
Craig Goldman
97 Republican 93
Drew Springer
68 Republican 92
Bryan Hughes
5 Republican 92
Steve Toth
15 Republican 91
James White
19 Republican 90
Stefani Carter
102 Republican 90
Lance Gooden
4 Republican 89
Jason Isaac
45 Republican 88
Phil King
61 Republican 87
Dan Flynn
2 Republican 86
Ron Simmons
65 Republican 85
Brandon Creighton
16 Republican 84
Charles Perry
83 Republican 83
Greg Bonnen
24 Republican 82
James Frank
69 Republican 81
Allen Fletcher
130 Republican 81
Ed Thompson
29 Republican 80
Rick Miller
26 Republican 77
Angie Button
112 Republican 75
Larry Phillips
62 Republican 75
Dwayne Bohac
138 Republican 74
Tan Parker
63 Republican 74
Gary Elkins
135 Republican 72
Cecil Bell
3 Republican 71
Harvey Hilderbran
53 Republican 68
Kenneth Sheets
107 Republican 68
John Smithee
86 Republican 66
Tim Kleinschmidt
17 Republican 66
Cindy Burkett
113 Republican 65
Linda Harper-Brown
105 Republican 64
Tony Dale
136 Republican 64
Lois Kolkhorst
13 Republican 63
John Frullo
84 Republican 62
George Lavender
1 Republican 62
Tom Craddick
82 Republican 61
Dennis Bonnen
25 Republican 60
Charles Anderson
56 Republican 58
Dan Branch
108 Republican 58
Geanie Morrison
30 Republican 56
Chris Paddie
9 Republican 55
Debbie Riddle
150 Republican 52
Paul Workman
47 Republican 52
Ralph Sheffield
55 Republican 52
John Kuempel
44 Republican 52
Todd Hunter
32 Republican 51
Jim Murphy
133 Republican 50
Larry Gonzales
52 Republican 50
Patricia Harless
126 Republican 50
Dan Huberty
127 Republican 49
Travis Clardy
11 Republican 49
Rob Orr
58 Republican 49
Trent Ashby
57 Republican 48
Myra Crownover
64 Republican 48
Jason Villalba
114 Republican 48
Doug Miller
73 Republican 46
Susan King
71 Republican 46
Tryon Lewis
81 Republican 45
Sarah Davis
134 Republican 44
Byron Cook
8 Republican 42
Walter Price
87 Republican 41
Bennett Ratliff
115 Republican 41
Phil Stephenson
85 Republican 39
Marsha Farney
20 Republican 39
William Callegari
132 Republican 39
Lyle Larson
122 Republican 39
Ken King
88 Republican 38
Charlie Geren
99 Republican 37
Allan Ritter
21 Republican 37
Diane Patrick
94 Republican 36
John Raney
14 Republican 36
Jimmie Aycock
54 Republican 36
Drew Darby
72 Republican 35
John Otto
18 Republican 35
Jim Keffer
60 Republican 35
Kyle Kacal
12 Republican 33
J.M. Lozano
43 Republican 32
Wayne Smith
128 Republican 31
John Davis
129 Republican 29
Jim Pitts
10 Republican 29
Abel Herrero
34 Democrat 28
J.D. Sheffield
59 Republican 27
Joe Deshotel
22 Democrat 26
Alma Allen
131 Democrat 25
John Zerwas
28 Republican 25
Richard Raymond
42 Democrat 25
Tracy King
80 Democrat 25
Ryan Guillen
31 Democrat 24
Craig Eiland
23 Democrat 23
Naomi Gonzalez
76 Democrat 22
Joe Pickett
79 Democrat 22
Senfronia Thompson
141 Democrat 22
Dawnna Dukes
46 Democrat 21
Oscar Longoria
35 Democrat 21
Armando Walle
140 Democrat 21
Yvonne Davis
111 Democrat 21
Ruth McClendon
120 Democrat 21
Armando Martinez
39 Democrat 21
Joseph Moody
78 Democrat 21
Poncho Nevárez
74 Democrat 20
José Menéndez
124 Democrat 20
Chris Turner
101 Democrat 20
Sergio Muñoz
36 Democrat 19
Roland Gutierrez
119 Democrat 19
Harold Dutton
142 Democrat 19
Toni Rose
110 Democrat 19
Jessica Farrar
148 Democrat 18
Donna Howard
48 Democrat 18
Ron Reynolds
27 Democrat 18
Carol Alvarado
145 Democrat 18
Eric Johnson
100 Democrat 18
Joe Farias
118 Democrat 17
Trey Fischer
116 Democrat 17
Mary Perez
144 Democrat 17
Rafael Anchia
103 Democrat 17
Eddie Lucio
38 Democrat 17
Marisa Márquez
77 Democrat 17
Mike Villarreal
123 Democrat 16
Lon Burnam
90 Democrat 16
Hubert Vo
149 Democrat 16
Mary González
75 Democrat 16
R.D. Guerra
41 Democrat 16
Roberto Alonzo
104 Democrat 15
Philip Cortez
117 Democrat 15
Ana Hernandez
143 Democrat 15
Borris Miles
146 Democrat 15
Justin Rodriguez
125 Democrat 15
Helen Giddings
109 Democrat 15
Elliott Naishtat
49 Democrat 15
Sylvester Turner
139 Democrat 14
René Oliveira
37 Democrat 14
Gene Wu
137 Democrat 14
Terry Canales
40 Democrat 12
Eddie Rodriguez
51 Democrat 12
Nicole Collier
95 Democrat 11
Garnet Coleman
147 Democrat 11
Mark Strama
50 Democrat 11
Joe Straus
121 Republican 0
Bill Position

HB 1, 3rd Called, Motion to Table Amendment 8 by Lavender: Dedicating certain motor vehicle sales tax revenue to the state highway fund

House Record Vote: 8
Read Full Detail

HR 4, Motion to Table Amendment 9 by V. Taylor: To require hearings on legislation with 50 signatures

House Record Vote: 10
Read Full Detail

HR 4, Motion to Table Amendment 24 by Zedler: To require legislation be placed on House floor for a vote if it has at least 76 supporters

House Record Vote: 15
Read Full Detail

HR 4, Amendment 30 by V. Taylor: To require the legislative caption note if bills impose, authorize, increase or change a tax or fee

House Record Vote: 17
Read Full Detail

HJR 2 conference report, 2nd Called: Providing insufficient protections for the ESF when diverting oil & gas tax revenue to transportation

House Record Vote: 47
Read Full Detail

HB 1600, Amendment 8 by Krause: To remove new cease-and-desist power being given to unelected bureaucracy

House Record Vote: 77
Read Full Detail

HB 1600, Motion to Table Amendment 1 by S. Turner: Preventing agency from increasing surcharges without legislative approval

House Record Vote: 89
Read Full Detail

HB 5, Motion to Table Amendment 97 by Giddings: Forces school districts to provide "accelerated instruction" for under-performing students before any other funds can be spent

House Record Vote: 108
Read Full Detail

HB 5, Motion to Table Amendment 114 by Herrero: Holds state budget hostage to certain education funding regardless of need or reform

House Record Vote: 111
Read Full Detail

HB 4, Motion to Table Amendment 8 by V. Taylor: Prohibiting use of ESF monies

House Record Vote: 121
Read Full Detail

HB 4: An increase in the size and scope of government, facilitating local debt without voter approval

House Record Vote: 126
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Amendment 2 by Pitts: Wrongly removing oversight power from the UT Board of Regents

House Record Vote: 145
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Amendment 5 by Pitts: Preventing UT Board of Regents from being able to exercise independent oversight authority

House Record Vote: 146
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Amendment 12 by Farrar: Nonsensically requiring comptroller to "include in the tax policy e-newsletter" notice that a mother can breastfeed anywhere in public

House Record Vote: 150
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Amendment 14 by Farias: Requiring state comptroller to produce a study on people not claiming the federal earned income tax credit

House Record Vote: 152
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Motion to Table Amendment 27 by Walle: Eliminating dollars to the Texas Enterprise Fund

House Record Vote: 158
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Amendment 51 by Burnam & Zerwas: Opening the door to Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare

House Record Vote: 161
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Motion to Table Amendment 71 by Schaefer & Leach: Freezing funding of Historical Commission and moving money from Film & Music marketing to TRS

House Record Vote: 162
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Motion to Table Amendment 88 by Capriglione: Striking funding for Regional Service Centers

House Record Vote: 166
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Amendment 95 by Herrero: Prohibiting funding for implementing parental choice programs

House Record Vote: 169
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Motion to Table Amendment 120 by Simpson: Transferring money from Commission on Arts to volunteer firefighters

House Record Vote: 175
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Motion to Table Amendment 176 by Herrero: Moving money into ineffective "pre-K" programs

House Record Vote: 178
Read Full Detail

HB 86: Reforming sunset of state licensing

House Record Vote: 193
Read Full Detail

SB 1, Motion to Instruct: Conferees should not to adopt language allowing for the expansion of Medicaid

House Record Vote: 253
Read Full Detail

HB 1752: Creating a "teacher residency program"

House Record Vote: 256
Read Full Detail

HB 1717, Motion to Table Amendment 1 by Schaefer: Eliminating the licensing requirements for interior designers

House Record Vote: 258
Read Full Detail

HB 1717: New regulations on architects

House Record Vote: 262
Read Full Detail

HB 502: Needlessly regulating "teeth whitening" services

House Record Vote: 276
Read Full Detail

HB 2197, Motion to Reconsider: Providing for the continuation of the Lottery Commission

House Record Vote: 282
Read Full Detail

HB 148: Bringing greater accountability to the mail-in ballot process

House Record Vote: 347
Read Full Detail

SB 202: Continuing the Commission on the Arts

House Record Vote: 376
Read Full Detail

SB 945: New regulation on hospitals, requiring employees to wear IDs

House Record Vote: 398
Read Full Detail

SB 971: Expanding the use of TIF financing to port authorities

House Record Vote: 439
Read Full Detail

HB 3238: Creating a needle exchange program

House Record Vote: 502
Read Full Detail

HB 852: Interfering in the market by making it illegal to transport lawfully caught shark fins

House Record Vote: 508
Read Full Detail

HB 2782: Giving more power to the commissioner of insurance to interfere in the health insurance market

House Record Vote: 521
Read Full Detail

HB 1809: Allowing "cultural" entities to use taxpayer resources when leasing or purchasing land, when private money should be used

House Record Vote: 523
Read Full Detail

HB 2062: Adding new regulations to plumbers

House Record Vote: 528
Read Full Detail

HB 213: Making the small business exemption to the business tax permanent

House Record Vote: 542
Read Full Detail

SB 1312: Creating new regulations on veterinary medicine and barriers to becoming a technician

House Record Vote: 545
Read Full Detail

HB 3536: Tax increase advocated by large companies onto small companies

House Record Vote: 577
Read Full Detail

HB 3459: Infringing on property rights by allowing easements to be re-defined after a storm event

House Record Vote: 589
Read Full Detail

HB 170: Mandating new insurance coverages

House Record Vote: 647
Read Full Detail

HB 500, Amendment 27 by N. Gonzalez: Increasing the exemption used in calculating the business tax

House Record Vote: 657
Read Full Detail

HB 500, Amendment 34 by V. Taylor: Simplifying the calculations for the gross margins

House Record Vote: 661
Read Full Detail

HB 546: Creating new abatements and "reinvestment" zones (L&C)

House Record Vote: 669
Read Full Detail

HB 1573: Authorizing certain counties to impose additional vehicle registration fees (L&C)

House Record Vote: 669
Read Full Detail

HB 3043: Allowing for an increase in hotel occupancy taxes (L&C)

House Record Vote: 669
Read Full Detail

SB 620: New student loan program

House Record Vote: 674
Read Full Detail

HB 887: New nanny-state regulations on high school sports

House Record Vote: 678
Read Full Detail

HB 2038: Expanding state programs that should be eliminated: the Center for Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities and Interagency Council for Addressing Disproportionality

House Record Vote: 689
Read Full Detail

SB 376: Requiring certain school districts to begin providing a free breakfast

House Record Vote: 693
Read Full Detail

HB 2158: Deterring fraud in the Medicaid system

House Record Vote: 717
Read Full Detail

HB 1790: Reducing costs in the criminal justice system by procedures for those who complete community supervision

House Record Vote: 744
Read Full Detail

HB 613: New regulations on foundation repair contractors

House Record Vote: 747
Read Full Detail

HB 912: Providing privacy protections from inappropriate use of unmanned drones

House Record Vote: 763
Read Full Detail

SB 346: Creating unconstitutional requirements on political speech while exempting labor unions from the new rules

House Record Vote: 811
Read Full Detail

SJR 13: Reducing citizen choices in elections for only some state offices, and empowering bureaucracies

House Record Vote: 845
Read Full Detail

SB 2: Expanding the number of charter schools while ensuring better oversight and management

House Record Vote: 878
Read Full Detail

SB 515: Allowing brew-pubs to sell their product to retailers

House Record Vote: 953
Read Full Detail

SB 1459, Motion to Table Amendment 2 by Isaac: Removing tie between legislators' pensions from that of district judges

House Record Vote: 988
Read Full Detail

SB 219, Amendment 12 by Geren: Violating constitutional protections against donor threats and intimidation (mimicking SB346)

House Record Vote: 992
Read Full Detail

SB 219, Motion to Table Amendment 27 by King: Moving state's Public Integrity Unit from the Travis County District Attorney to the Attorney General

House Record Vote: 994
Read Full Detail

SB 219, Amendment 30 by Capriglione: Requiring legislators to disclose government contracts entered into by themselves, their family or their businesses

House Record Vote: 995
Read Full Detail

SB 7, Amendment 26 by Leach: Prohibiting the future expansion of Medicaid under ObamaCare without the authorization of the Legislature

House Record Vote: 998
Read Full Detail

SB 16: Allowing for billions of new university debt based on anticipated tuition revenues

House Record Vote: 1003
Read Full Detail

SB 1406: Putting CSCOPE under review of SBOE

House Record Vote: 1007
Read Full Detail

SB 656: Creating new transparency for local budgeting

House Record Vote: 1015
Read Full Detail

SB 1795: Setting operating rules for ObamaCare exchange "navigators"

House Record Vote: 1049
Read Full Detail

SJR 1: Creating yet another constitutional water fund while allowing for spending outside the state's constitutional limitation

House Record Vote: 1126
Read Full Detail

HB 1025 House-Senate conference report: Draining the ESF for non-emergency spending

House Record Vote: 1334
Read Full Detail

SB 1 House-Senate conference report: Increasing budget beyond reasonable levels while increasing legislator pensions

House Record Vote: 1336
Read Full Detail

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